California State Lottery

Feature:California State Lottery

State officials believed that the California State Lottery was destined to become one of the largest entities in the world. It was, therefore, important that the introduction be of such magnitude that it would create high momentum from the start. The kickoff was one of the largest events in San Francisco's history with lottery tickets completely selling more

Real California Cheese

Feature: Real California Cheese

The California Milk Advisory Board launched a major campaign to promote cheese to California consumers under the Real California Cheese seal. TV spots, billboards and in-store materials featured the theme, "It's The Cheese," a humorous explanation of why people really come to California. We were asked to help add a public relations dimension to the more

California Walnut Board and California Walnut Commission

Feature: California Walnut Board & California Walnut Commission

A 1993 study published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine concluded that walnuts could reduce cholesterol and thus cut the risk of heart disease. At the same time, walnuts were generally perceived by consumers and food media to be high in fat and not a heart-healthy more

C and H Sugar Company

Feature: C&H Sugar Company

During fall 2000, C&H Sugar Company launched a pure cane sugar made especially for baking. "Baker's Sugar" was a new, premium-tier category of sugar. Our task was to develop a public relations program to launch this new product during the fall/holiday baking season to generate awareness and a trial of Baker's Sugar among "scratch bakers" and users of upscale and specialty baking and cooking more

California Milk Advisory Board

Feature:California Milk Advisory Board

The California Milk Advisory Board asked Torme to create a month-long public relations program to promote California ice cream to California consumers as part of national “July Is Ice Cream Month.” Our goal was to create consumer awareness of California as the leading dairy state and largest producer of ice more

Glen Ellen Winery

Feature:Glen Ellen Winery

In the 1980s, Glen Ellen shook up the wine industry by creating quality varietal wines at a time when low-priced generic jug wines dominated. In 2000, Glen Ellen re-created their wines from the inside out – grapes obtained from prized vineyards, stronger relationships with growers, and consumer feedback to fine-tune taste and new product more

Hotel Nikko

Feature: Hotel Nikko

San Francisco is a city overflowing with first class luxury hotels locked in fierce competition for local and out-of-town business in declines since the October 1989 earthquake. Amidst the roar, Hotel Nikko wanted to generate media attention and generate business for its banquet more

Armor All

Feature: Armor All

The Clorox Company acquired Armor All, the leader in car appearance care products, in early 1997. Torme Lauricella was retained to develop a multi-tiered public relations program. One goal was to extend the brand franchise to teenagers just learning to more


Feature: Brita

Brita Products Co. asked us to help them counteract the growing competition in the water filtration market and increasing sales of bottled water. We developed a public relations strategy that would set Brita apart from its more